Morning News Report

Religion news 6 November

Cardinal predicts government U-turn on public worship as Health Secretary says conversations continue Cardinal Vincent Nichols, leader of the Catholic Church in […]

Religion news 2 November

Faith groups resist government’s plan to ban public worship; Greek Orthodox priest shot and critically injured in France; Sikh charity offers help for 10,000 homeless in London alone

Religion news 30 October

The Labour party and antisemitism – illegal acts, Corbyn suspended, bitter dispute; Second Islamist terror attack in France; Jerry Falwell sues university for defamation

Religion news 29 October

Deep concern and call to action over refugee family’s death crossing the channel; France issues safety advice to citizens living in Muslim majority countries; Antisemitism within the anti vaccine movement

Religion news 28 October

South Wales police force church service to close during lockdown; Irish churches revolt against proposed Covid-19 closure; French government accused of scapegoating Muslims

Religion news 27 October

Faith groups combine with wider community to provide free school meals; Amy Coney Barrett, devout conservative Catholic, confirmed to US Supreme Court; Hindu festivals in the UK forced online