2018 Religion & Media Festival

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2018 Religion and Media Festival


The Religion Media Centre runs a programme of events for journalists, press officers and commentators on religion. These include ‘Chatham House’ discussions; seminars relating to news stories and opportunities for media professionals reporting and reflecting religion, to meet one another. Please keep checking our events page for further information.

Latest factsheets

Coronavirus and religion – update 2 April 2020

By Lianne Kolirin UK news The first four doctors to die of the Coronavirus in Britain, while fighting on the pandemic’s frontline, were all Muslim. The contributions of Alfa Sa'adu, who had come [...]

The NHS, our national religion

By Linda Woodhead When faced with a biblical plague, the British turn not to God but the National Health Service. It is our national religion, the one thing sacred. It is here rather [...]

Coronavirus and religion – update 1 April 2020

By Lianne Kolirin UK •  A trainee Anglican priest stranded on the Solomon Islands has told The Times that he is likely to be one of the last Britons to be repatriated. Sam [...]

Coronavirus effect on religious festivals

By Tim Maby, 31 March 2020 The national lockdown to protect against the spread of Covid-19 is having a major effect on a stream of religious festivals due to take place this spring. Ceremonies [...]

Coronavirus and religion – update 31 March

Coronavirus and religion update - 31 March, 2020 More than half (55%) of American adults have prayed for an end to the spread of the coronavirus, according to a Pew Centre research survey. [...]

Congregations rise as worship moves to the internet

By Tim Wyatt The UK coronavirus lockdown has shut all places of worship but this has not meant the end of  worship for many synagogues, mosques, churches, temples and gurdwaras. Thousands of believers, unable [...]

Coronavirus and religion – update 30 March

By Tim Wyatt, 30 March 2020 Here are the latest religious news stories from across Britain and around the world. JUDAISM: The coronavirus continues to take its toll on faith communities. A popular [...]

Coronavirus and religion – update 27 March

Here are the latest religion news stories from across the UK and overseas. UK Clap for our carers – sacred NHS At 8pm last night (Thursday 26 March), hundreds of thousands of Britons [...]

Coronavirus and religion – update 26 March

By Tim Wyatt, 26 March 2020 As the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate world headlines, here are the latest religion news stories: The Pope, Vatican City and Roman Catholics: Yesterday, Christians around the [...]

Covid-19: Funeral staff under pressure

By Tim Maby As the number of deaths from Covid-19 is quickly increasing, undertakers are worrying that they, like health staff, lack adequate protective equipment and training.  The need for the speedy disposal [...]