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2019 Religion and Media Festival


The Religion Media Centre runs a programme of events for journalists, press officers and commentators on religion. These include ‘Chatham House’ discussions; seminars relating to news stories and opportunities for media professionals reporting and reflecting religion, to meet one another. Please keep checking our events page for further information.

Latest factsheets


Hate Crime has more than doubled in England and Wales in six years. 103,379 such crimes were recorded in 2018-19, with almost 10% religiously motivated. EXPLAINER Hate crime has more than doubled in England [...]

Freedom of Religion or Belief

International Freedom of Religion or Belief day (27 Oct 2019) highlights 83% of the world’s population live in countries where religious freedom is threatened. EXPLAINER International Freedom of Religion or Belief Day (October 27th [...]

John Henry Newman, Saint

John Henry Newman, the Victorian author, academic and Anglican turned Roman Catholic, is to be declared a saint at a ceremony in Rome. by Catherine Pepinster On Sunday 13 October, the Prince of Wales [...]

Abortion laws in Northern Ireland

Church leaders in Northern Ireland are resisting a decision to lift abortion restrictions in Northern Ireland  and have appealed for a weekend of prayer. EXPLAINER Unlike the rest of the United Kingdom, abortion remains [...]

Amazon synod

Roman Catholic bishops from the Amazon meet in Rome to discuss the environment, falling congregations and ordination of married men.                              [...]


Almost half of all schools in England are not providing Religious Education to all pupils, as required by law, while RE exam entries decline. Schools in England are legally required to teach Religious Education [...]


All Church of England bishops have rebuked MPs for unacceptable language in acrimonious debates in the Commons, calling for greater respect.   EXPLAINER In a rare move, all 118 Church of England Bishops and [...]


In a book for young people, ‘Outgrowing God: A Beginner’s Guide’, Richard Dawkins says we should grow up and give up on all gods. EXPLAINER: Richard Dawkins, formerly the University of Oxford's Professor for Public [...]

Faith groups join climate strike

Faith groups are being encouraged to support the Global Climate Strike action in Britain on Friday, 20 September. The movement was inspired by school protests worldwide, initiated by the Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg. The aim [...]

Religion in Africa

The Pope’s visit to Africa highlighted the rapid growth of Christianity on the continent, while Islam is growing at an equally fast rate. EXPLAINER “If demography is destiny, then Christianity’s future lies in Africa.” [...]