Religion news 22 January

First mosque in Britain opened as vaccine hub; Vatican bank top official jailed for embezzlement; Virtual commemoration wall for International Holocaust Remembrance Day; “Batgate” witchcraft allegation wins a football match

Religion news 4 September

Methodist Homes for the Aged honours 398 people who died and others who recovered from Covid-19; London based hearing into human rights abuses against Uyghurs; Faith leaders support Biden to ‘restore the nation’s values’.

Religion news 10 August

Faith leaders urge action against Uyghur ‘genocide’; Beirut Catholic leaders told to live without luxury; Jehovah’s Witnesses take stand at IICSA sex abuse inquiry.

Religion news 20 July

Call for international action on Uyghur ‘genocide’; CofE disciplinary process leaves clergy suicidal; President Trump warns ‘religion will be over’