Ukraine, hijabs and cathedrals without floodlights – second podcast episode

We are pleased to announce the second episode of the Religion Media Centre Podcast!

Our podcast is available on all major outlets: SpotifyAppleGoogle and the Religion Media Centre website.

The Religion Media Centre Podcast intends to sit firmly in the space where religion and the media collide. We ease that relationship, strengthen links that already exist, and be part of building new ones through chat, reflection, and comment, with a panel of regular contributors of journalists, broadcasters, writers, comedians, and experts.

Created similar to a radio programme, the five sections of this episode are an eclectic mix of faith, news and views. Headed by broadcasters Hannah Scott-Joynt and Roger Bolton, they are joined by Leo Devine, comedian Paul Kerensa, journalist Rosie Dawson and Dr Abdul-Azim Ahmed.

What to expect for this podcast episode:

  • Hot Topic: Bishop of Leeds Nick Baines takes a deep dive with Roger Bolton into the religious roots of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the response of the West and where the Church of England could make a difference
  • Big Interview: How has modest religious clothing become mainstream fashion? Author Hafsa Lodi in conversation with Hannah Scott-Joynt on how this long underserved corner of the fashion world is now big business
  • Leo’s Local: Why people are up in arms as cathedral lights are switched off to be environmentally friendly. Leo speaks to the Dean of Truro Cathedral Roger Bush and city mayor Steven Webb. He also asks environmental journalist Anna Turns how her liberal Jewish faith has influenced her work and talks to Kathryn Hurst from the pressure group Sustainable Church Flowers.
  • Journo Notebook: Journalists Rosie Dawson, Sunny Hundal and Donna Birrell look at the top stories on religion with a media lens, particularly the place of religion at the heart of the invasion of Ukraine, and India’s hijabs controversy.
  • Academic Insight: “Worldviews” is the new way of describing religion, and the search for meaning of life, but does it include the destiny factor? Professor Douglas Davies and Dr Abdul-Azim Ahmed explore the issues in defining identity with the words religion, belief and values.
  • Life Laundry: Comedy in places of worship? Paul Kerensa chats to Rachel Creeger, the UK’s first female orthodox Jewish comedian, on being religious in the secular space of comedy. 


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