Death and Funeral Rituals in World Religions

 by Jennifer Uzell, University of Durham General Points The purpose of funeral rituals varies between religions and is dependent on time and place. Historically the purpose of most religious funerals was to aid the deceased in their passage to the next life, and this remains an important factor for many. In more recent times, and […]

Guide to Christianity in Britain

by Rev George Pitcher Overview   Christians are followers (disciples) of Jesus Christ, whom they believe to be God incarnate, and who strive to live by his teachings as set out in the New Testament of the Bible and to have their lives ordered by his life, death and resurrection in first-century Palestine under the rule […]

Factsheet: Secularisation in Britain

Secularisation is the process by which religious ideas, customs and institutions gradually become less relevant within society. In much of the Western world, including the UK, it has been a major social and cultural development over the last 60 years

Guide to Islam in Britain

By Dr Abdul Azim Ahmed Population More than half of British Muslims have a South Asian heritage In the 2011 census, there were 2,706,000 Muslims – 4.8% of the population Three quarters of the Muslim population live in four regions: London, West Midlands, North West, Yorkshire and the Humber Key Beliefs Centres on faith in […]

Guide to Judaism in the UK

Population statistics (1) There are 263,346 Jews in England and Wales according to the last census (2011) although due to the voluntary nature of the question on faith and under-reporting, the Institute of Jewish Policy Research estimates that the actual figure is 284,000. After years of decline, the Jewish community increased marginally from 259,927 in […]

Factsheet: The Sikh tradition

Sikhism was founded in the 15th century by Guru Nanak, a Punjabi spiritual leader, and now claims about 25 million adherents, making it the fifth largest religion in the world

Guide to Hinduism in the UK

Population There are 816,633 Hindus in England and Wales (1.5% of the total population) according to the last census (2011). This compares with 552,421 Hindus (1.06% of population) in 2001. In Scotland, Hindus made up 0.31% of the population in 2011, up from 0.11% in 2001. Looking at the Hindu population over time, they were 0.06% […]