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Downing Street Rishi Sunak 010324

March 4, 2024

PM’s speech on forces tearing apart multi-faith Britain meets mixed response; Campaign urges all Muslims to vote as one in general election; Multi Brit award winner Raye credits Christian faith for her love of music
Pro Israel rally Trafalgar Square 22Oct23

March 3, 2024

"For most British Jews, Israel forms an important, even central part of their Jewishness, so the implications of the state of Israel failing, or being destroyed, would be utterly devastating"
Prince of Wales at Western Marble Arch Synagogue

March 1, 2024

Holocaust survivor tells Prince of Wales this is the worst period for antisemitism since the war; 2021 census shows “persistent inequality” of British Muslims; Archbishop apologises for refusal to meet Palestinian Christian leader – and the meeting is back on
Women's Faith Forum 280224

February 29, 2024

Lords criticise Media Bill’s removal of requirement to include religious programmes; Pope Francis has hospital tests after suffering from flu; Women’s Faith Forum seeks unity to challenge hate crime; Archbishops' Council member will ask for review of safeguarding steering group

February 28, 2024

Lords debate Media Bill today amid concerns for future of religious broadcasting; CofE same sex blessing decisions delayed to await concrete proposals; Islamophobia definition and explainer
climate change Stuart Rankin2.0

February 27, 2024

Global Muslim project to save the planet launched today; Tory Islamophobia row inflamed by talk of no go areas; Appeal for CofE to reconcile over bitter divisions on same sex relationships

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