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The only podcast to sit firmly in the space where religion and the media collide. We ease that relationship, strengthen links that already exist, and be part of building new ones through chat, reflection, and comment, with a panel of regular contributors of journalists, broadcasters, writers, comedians, and experts.


Listen to recent episodes:

RMC Briefing - Theos Religion Counts

15 May 2024

The Theos Think Tank has analysed data from the British Election Survey on the correlation between religion and election voting
RMC Briefing - United Methodist Church

10 May 2024

This briefing discusses the recent decision by the United Methodist Church to row back on anti-gay legislation dating back 50 years
RMC Briefing - Michaela School Prayer Ban

25 April 2024

This RMC briefing explores the decision by the High Court to back the ban on prayer rituals at the Michaela School in North London
RMC Briefing - Cremations and Covid

17 April 2024

The panel discussed lessons learned by cremation and crematorium staff during Covid and changing rituals which have continued



Hannah Scott Joynt


Voice-over artist, award winning radio and TV presenter and BBC continuity announcer


Leo Devine

Leo's Local

Media and Training Consultant at Devine Media. Former BBC Journalist, Editor and Senior Leader


Rosie Dawson

Journo's Notebook

Freelance religion journalist, documentary maker and radio producer with 20+ years of experience in the BBC’s Religion and Ethics department

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