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RMC Briefing - Swearing In

16 July 2024

The three-day swearing in ceremony for MPs in the new parliament has proved a remarkably popular watch - Leo Devine discussed the story with guests
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12 July 2024

The decision by the Church of England general synod in York, to move towards allowing services for same-sex blessings, has once more revealed deep divisions
RMC Briefing - Election, Government and Faith Groups

2 July 2024

In this Religion Media Centre election briefing, the panel discussed the current vacuum of communication between government and faith groups
RMC Briefing - Election, Climate Change

28 June 2024

Faith organisations and campaign groups told this RMC election briefing that they saw signs of hope for the climate in several parties' manifestos
RMC Podcast - Election, Poverty

25 June 2024

The cost of living is a top election issue, yet the increasing wealth divide and extent of poverty haven't really figured in election debates
RMC Briefing - Election, Immigration

20 June 2024

Immigration is among the top four concerns driving voters at the general election, and their religious identity impacts how they regard the issue

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