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RMC Podcast - Vatican Document on Sex and Gender

11 April 2024

In this RMC briefing, the panel discussed why the Vatican's Dignitas Infinita document appeared to row back from more liberal moves on sexual ethics
RMC Briefing - Antisemitism and Passion Plays

27 March 2024

In this RMC Briefing, the panel discusses how producers are paying closer attention to words, settings and costume in Passion Plays this year
RMC Briefing - Religious Hate Crime

13 March 2024

In this Religion Media Centre briefing, faith leaders discuss how religious hatred can be tackled
RMC Briefing - Church of England after Feb 24 synod

29 February 2024

The Church of England has been boiling over in recent months, but the February 2024 General Synod struck a different tone
RMC Briefing - 35 years of Inform

22 February 2024

The charity Inform has just celebrated its 35th anniversary. We look back at its work with Dr Suzanne Newcombe, Dr Sarah Harvey, and the founder Professor Eileen Barker
RMC Briefing - Jay report on CofE and safeguarding

21 February 2024

In this RMC briefing, our panel discuss the report’s tough criticism of the current safeguarding system in the Church of England

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