Factsheets are written by academics, journalists and commentators to explain the context and background of current religion and belief stories. They include information on festivals, timelines of running stories and suggestions for experts and commentators.


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Lacock_Abbey_Courtyard,_Wiltshire,_UK_-_Diliff (1)
Facts, beliefs and appeal of the monastic tradition in Britain
Bob Marley Leo Reynolds CCLIcense2.0
Explainer on Rastafarianism, the faith and political movement made famous by reggae icon Bob Marley, whose biopic "One Love" is topping the Box Office charts
Boy blowing shofar for Jewish new year
Explainer on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, featuring the shofar, honey and apples
The Green Man image is found in churches and cathedrals, in ancient Greece and Rome, in cultures from Borneo to Iraq and is now adopted by modern Pagans and as an emblem for the ecological movement.
purim cowgirl-1024x683
The Jewish festival of Purim is a joyous celebration honouring the story of Queen Esther, who saved Jews from persecution
Imbolc festival of light snowdrops
The first Pagan festival of the year is Imbolc, a sign of light and new life emerging from the darkness of winter
R20 pic _DSC9841
Describing the new organisation R20, meeting in advance of the G20 in Bali, bringing religious leaders together to find solutions to the world's challenges.
The problem of definition, mistaken identity and under reporting in anti-Sikh hate crime