Factsheets are written by academics, journalists and commentators to explain the context and background of current religion and belief stories. They include information on festivals, timelines of running stories and suggestions for experts and commentators.


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Factsheet: Zakat
Explaining zakat, one of the five pillars of Islam, a gift of money considered one of the most important forms of charity
crucifixion good friday
Examining the Biblical accounts of Good Friday, the day when Jesus was crucified and buried in a tomb
Factsheet: Crimean Tatar Muslims in Ukraine
Muslims are a minority religion in Ukraine with many living in Crimea and their leaders are urging them to defend their country
Factsheet: Jewish community in Ukraine
With up to 400,000 Jewish residents, Ukraine is home to the world’s fifth-largest Jewish community, but thousands are fleeing the country.
Factsheet: Russia and the Orthodox church
The history, facts and stats explaining the Russian Orthodox Church's claim on Ukraine and alliance with the Kremlin
Factsheet: Christian Zionism
The meaning of Christian Zionism, a belief that the Jewish people have a right to return to Israel and this heralds the end times.
Factsheet: Sexuality and the Church of England
The Church of England is in the midst of a complex and fraught internal debate over same-sex marriage and LGBT issues. Currently it bans gay weddings in churches and does not let clergy enter same-sex marriages either, although some of its sister Churches have permitted this
Factsheet: New Religious Movements
New Religious Movements is an academic term which encompasses many of those groups and organisations which are often negatively labelled as sects or cults in popular discourse. The movements vary enormously, although they are often derived from most established faiths, and there is significant disagreement among researchers about how to categorise them