Our weekly online briefings offer a unique opportunity to get behind the headlines, with a panel of speakers quizzed by our journalists. The annual festival and educational lectures allow key public figures to address current issues. All our events are great opportunities to network.

RMC Briefings

The RMC weekly online briefings aim to help journalists discover more about stories in the news, finding new angles, deepening understanding and conversing with those who make the news.

They started soon after the first coronavirus lockdown in March 2020 and, since then, we have welcomed the Faith Minister Lord Greenhalgh, Cardinal Vincent Nicholls, imams, bishops, clergy, academics, civic leaders, politicians and campaign groups.

The briefings are open to all and have proved particularly valuable to journalists and media professionals.

Public Events

Our annual religion media festival “Exploring Belief” is usually held around Easter time at the JW3 centre in north London. Keynote speakers have included James Harding, former BBC Director of News, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks and the screenwriter Frank Cottrell-Boyce. Well-known broadcasters have chaired and taken part in panel discussions.

Our lectures offer a platform for speakers in the public eye to address key issues in society. Our events attract many interested parties, especially media professionals and faith leaders.

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