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We offer training for journalists to understand religion – and for faith groups to understand the media. Our trainers are experienced journalists and trainers who work alongside academics.

For journalists:

We understand the need for religious literacy in the media and are offering a variety of courses to enable journalists to learn more about religious and non-religious world views in Britain, to enable a deeper understanding of the variety of beliefs.

We have a course, Reporting Religion in Britain, which gives an overview of beliefs and organisation of faith groups, alongside challenges in reporting religion, such as language, balance and fair representation.

Academics and journalists have pooled skills to offer a range of half-day or evening courses on different faiths and beliefs, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, the Sikh Tradition and Non-religion.

For faith groups and commentators:

We are offering media training courses for faith groups and commentators, to give greater understanding of how the media works and opportunities to practise media skills.

Courses are usually held in central London, although we are planning to deliver some elsewhere in the UK this year. Keep watching this website for details.

Training reviews:

Opened my eyes to the differences and complexities that lie within different religions.

It’s given me great insight into the bigger picture surrounding my work rather than focusing on the logistics

Loved exploring broad issues around representation of religion

This course is so needed. I can’t believe it doesn’t already exist.

Very engaging format – lots of information, balanced well with engaging discussion, harnessing the expertise in the room. A great pleasure.

The practical exercises enabled us to think practically and creatively about reporting religion. Very useful discussions. Highly recommend. Very thought-provoking.