Supporting religion journalists with a network of reputable contacts

We can put you in touch with a range of commentators including academics, faith leaders and specialists who can give advice and help explain stories about religion and belief. The people in the database below have given their permission to be listed here and contacted by journalists. To find a commentator for your story, you can search by name or keyword, or by selecting an “Area of Expertise” via the dropdown box.

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Dr Ted Harrison
Former BBC religious affairs correspondent, TV producer, artist and author. Expertise: Church of England and the royal family, Princess Diana, religion in Britain, Remembrance (history...
Stephen Bates
Former religious affairs and royal correspondent at the Guardian and now freelance writer, broadcaster and author. Expertise:  Church and monarchy, modern royal history, social history...
Canon Rosie Harper
Chaplain to the Bishoip of Buckingham, member of the CofE General Synod. Expertise: Safeguarding and the church, faith based case for Assisted Dying, public philosophy,...
Professor William A. Schabas OC MRIA
Professor of international law, Middlesex University. Expertise: Human rights, genocide, international human rights law
Professor William Gibson
Director, the Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History. Expertise: History of Methodism
Dr Tim Hutchings
Assistant Professor of Religious Ethics, Faculty of Arts, University of Nottingham. Expertise: Digital religion, online Christian churches, the Bible as a digital text, death and mourning...
Tilak Parekh
PhD student Cambridge University. Expertise: Hinduism, religious leadership, Gurus, youth religiosity, digital religion. Researching at the intersections of theology, religion, and anthropology.
Dr Suzanne Newcombe
Honorary Director of “Inform” researching minority religion and new religious movements; Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, Open University. Expertise: extensive knowledge of new and minority...
Prof Stephen Pattison
Formerly Professor of Religion, Ethics and Practice, University of Birmingham. Expertise: Contemporary theology; ethics; values and practices; health, wellbeing and illness; action guiding worldviews; religious literacy;...
Dr Stephen Jones
Lecturer, Department of Theology and Religion, University of Birmingham. Expertise: the study of Islam and Muslims in the UK, Islam and liberalism;Islamophobia in contemporary Britain;...
Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray
Director, the Centre for the study of Islam in the UK, University of Cardiff. Expertise: Muslim communities in Britain, pastoral care and mental health among...
Canon Dr Sarah Snyder
Founding Director of Rose Castle Foundation and Archbishop of Canterbury’s special adviser for reconciliation programmes and resources. Expertise: Peace and reconciliation