Religious Freedom in the Commonwealth

Commonwealth leaders in London for the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, meet at Lambeth Palace to discuss how to strengthen religious freedom in their countries. Also this week, Lord Suri is asking the Foreign Office to invest more resources to coordinate, oversee and deliver policy to advance freedom of religion and belief. Professor Paul […]

Branches of Judaism

By Keith Kahn-Harris There are at least 269,000 Jews in the UK. This is the fifth largest Jewish population in the world, out of an estimated 15-17 million worldwide. More than two-thirds of British Jews live in London (particularly the borough of Barnet and North West London) and South Hertfordshire. While many provincial Jewish populations […]

Factsheet: The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church, often called the Roman Catholic Church, is the biggest Christian denomination, with 1.2 billion members across the globe. Its name derives from the Greek word katholikos, meaning universal