Guide to Fasting for Ramadan

Dr Carool Kersten Basic facts Ramadan refers to the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar, during which Muslims are to observe fasting (called Sawm or Siyam in Arabic). It is considered one of the so-called ‘Five Pillars of Islam’, which also include the Creed (shahada), five daily prayers (salat), alms-giving (zakat), and the pilgrimage to […]

Faith leaders welcome burial ruling

Faith leaders welcome burial ruling Jewish and Muslim leaders welcome a High Court ruling that it was unlawful for a senior North London Coroner to end the prioritisation of the release of bodies for burial on grounds of religion. Their faith traditions say bodies must be buried within 24 hours, allowing mourning to start. Rabbi Asher […]

Guide to Paganism

Jennifer Uzzell General Points Everything in this sheet is a generalisation. There is great variety not only between, but also within the various Pagan traditions. Some scholars refer to Paganisms rather than Paganism. The information in this briefing sheet refers specifically to Paganisms in Britain and Northern Ireland. There are contemporary Pagan religions in Europe, […]