Anna Averkiou

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Religion news 16 July 2021

EU ruling says companies can ban employees wearing religious symbols; May was record ‘month of hate’ against the Jewish Community; COVID-19 takes toll on Catholic clergy in hard-hit countries

Religion news 13 July 2021

Christian and Jewish Leaders condemn racism following Euro 2020 final; MPs have opportunity to restore international aid budget; Church to issue apology over expulsion of Jews from medieval England; Bosnia commemorates 26th anniversary of Srebrenica massacre

Religion news 9 July 2021

Chief Rabbi steps in as rabbinical courts accused of siding with domestic abusers; General Synod seeks younger and more diverse members; England win Euros semi-final, with the help of Bishops and Maltesers

Religion news 6 July 2021

Service of thanksgiving as the Queen awards the NHS the George Cross; Attack on Jewish man in London prompts calls for crisis antsemitism talks; Religious leaders wish the Pope a swift recovery

Religion news 22 June 2021

Justin Welby sells the Big Issue; UN says Catholic Church must do more to stop abuse; Legal age to marry set to be raised to 18; Live TV feed of Stonehenge Summer Solstice cut due to safety concerns

Religion news 18 June 2021

Ofsted downgrades Jewish Free School ‘inadequate’; Supreme court sides with Catholic agency in foster care dispute over same-sex couples; Congregation uses hands to ‘sing’ worship

Religion news 15 June 2021

Bishop of London welcomes lifting of wedding restrictions; MPs scathing of BBC report on rehiring Martin Bashir; Police investigate desecration of Quran at Lancashire School; “Thou shalt not bribe” Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer

British media ‘doesn’t understand Israel’

Suzanne Franks, a professor of journalism at City University, London,, says Israel is not being understood or even listened to when it comes to British media coverage, and she is calling for “a better explanation of the meaning of Zionism”.