Catherine Pepinster

Catherine Pepinster is a journalist, broadcaster, and author specialising in religion. She was previously executive editor of the Independent on Sunday and edited The Tablet, the Catholic weekly, for 13 years. Her recent work has been published in the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, The Times, and The Guardian among others and she appears regularly on BBC Radio 4. She has written books on the papacy, martyrdom, and the British monarchy and religion.

Written Content

Order of service: the coronation of King Charles III

A rundown of the coronation service plus explanation of old and new elements including homage by the people, CofE pledge to foster freedom of religion or belief, faith leaders’ greetings, church leaders’ blessings and women bishops.

Explainer: The Chosen

The story of Jesus in “The Chosen” in the newly released series three, crowd funded to an audience of more than one billion people worldwide.