Ruth Peacock

Ruth is the leader of the Religion Media Centre project and oversees its work. After studying theology and teaching RE, she trained as a journalist on a local paper, freelanced in print and radio and then joined the BBC, working in many news departments, including the main newsgathering desk. She also worked on the BBC’s move into the new W1 building and studied organisational change.

Written Content

Religion news 21 January 2022

Former Pope Benedict XVI accused of mishandling sex abuse cases; Ukraine Church leaders appeal for prayers; Church of England disinvests from 28 companies including BP

Religion news 20 January 2022

Afghanistan is “the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian”; MP who defected to Labour is co-chair of APPG on British Jews; Christians Against Poverty deeply concerned that debt will rocket

Religion news 19 January 2022

Winchester college Christian group operated “like a cult”; Bishop concerned at threat to BBC licence fee; Pope’s two close aides test positive for Covid; European Court decides Pastafarian church of the flying spaghetti monster is not a religion

Religion news 18 January 2022

Rabbi held hostage describes his daring escape; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints coordinates relief for Tonga; Anne Franks’ betrayer uncovered; Parishioners in Lorna Doone village fight plans to sell the vicarage

Religion news 17 January 2022

Bishop: “Nobody wants to be governed by leaders who’ve lost their sense of moral values” ; Man who took hostages in a Dallas synagogue was British; Global church may have more say in appointment of next Archbishop of Canterbury; Champagne set aside in honour of Australian batting hero Usman Khawaja

Religion news 14 January 2022

Children adopted through Ireland’s Catholic institutions allowed access to birth records; Senior Jewish Deputy leader resigns after past social media posts revealed; Citizens stop church pans to turn a 12th century French abbey into a bric-a-brac house

Religion news 13 January 2022

Number Ten parties furore may re-assert integrity and truth in politics; Positive vibrations, chakras and star signs – British  spiritual beliefs; Board of Deputies suspends senior vice president

Religion news 12 January 2022

Tory MPs urge sanctions against HSBC over links to oppression of Uyghurs; New chair to oversee parish reorganisation and church closures; Israel rebuts claims that radical fringe groups aim to drive Christians out of Jerusalem

Religion news 11 January 2022

Pope Francis warns against cancel culture; Archbishop: Social care is a community obligation not just about cash; Religious opposition to nationality and borders bill gathers pace; Robotic skeleton aids Buddhist pilgrims in Japan