Ruth Peacock

Ruth is the leader of the Religion Media Centre project and oversees its work. After studying theology and teaching RE, she trained as a journalist on a local paper, freelanced in print and radio and then joined the BBC, working in many news departments, including the main newsgathering desk. She also worked on the BBC’s move into the new W1 building and studied organisational change.

Written Content

Religion news 23 April

Pope says urgent action needed to save the planet; Church Commissioners opt out of net zero by 2030 deadline; House of Commons says action against Uyghur Muslims is genocide; Algerian professor and Sufi expert jailed for offending Islam

Religion news 22 April

Church of England must act now to end racism or people will leave; British Jewish community “can do better” on race and prejudice; Ban on gay conversion therapy in Northern Ireland includes prayer; American faith leaders hope George Floyd verdict will boost racial justice campaigns

Religion news 21 April

George Floyd murder verdict welcomed with prayers; European super league plan leads to antisemitic abuse; Confidentiality agreements silencing church critics must end; Richard Dawkins stripped of humanist award; Rabbi’s “Scubi Jew” plan to clean up the oceans

Religion news 20 April

Church of England “paid off” people complaining of racism; Ireland makes church attendance a criminal offence; Online religion seen negatively by young people; TikTok Sunny shines a light on his Sikh faith

Religion news 19 April

Open letter of protest at cuts to Chester Theology and Religious Studies dept; Memorial services and prayers for Prince Philip; TikTok fame for berating evangelicalism

Religion news 16 April

Ukrainian churches appeal for peace; Church bells toll for the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral; French advised to leave Pakistan in row over cartoon; Alpacas maintain church graveyard in Leeds