Ruth Peacock

Ruth is the leader of the Religion Media Centre project and oversees its work. After studying theology and teaching RE, she trained as a journalist on a local paper, freelanced in print and radio and then joined the BBC, working in many news departments, including the main newsgathering desk. She also worked on the BBC’s move into the new W1 building and studied organisational change.

Written Content

Religion news 30 May 2024

Orthodox rabbi defends Diane Abbott; The laws relating to religion lost due to early election; Jewish, Arab, Muslim media have worse mental health after Israel / Gaza war; Sacked Cliff College lecturer gives evidence in employment tribunal; Financial incentives to teach Bible stories to school children in Texas

Religion news 29 May 2024

Lord Mann and Edwin Shuker declare for Labour; Methodists say tackling poverty must be priority in election; Pope apologises after “too much frociaggine” quote; Appreciation of Don Cupitt on his 90th birthday

Religion news 28 May 2024

Early election interview with Nigel Farage targets Muslims; Former Archbishop of Canterbury directly linked to slave trade; Muslim International Film festival in London reclaims the words Muslim and Islam; Pope: “too much frociaggine” among  trainee priests

Religion news 24 May 2024

Archbishop appeals for people to vote in large numbers “treasuring democracy”; Teenager known as “God’s Influencer” for his social media posts in line to become a saint; Pioneer UK apologises to people harmed by its founder Gerald Coates; Queensland tribunal says Twitter / X is subject to state laws on hate speech

Religion news 23 May 2024

Archbishops urge people to pray in election campaign as the government faces epic challenges; Politicians warned not to use Muslims as a punch bag; Anglican priest and former Post Office CEO in tears at Horizon IT inquiry; Jersey votes for assisted dying service

Religion news 22 May 2024

Majority of people in Scotland have no religion; Teachers to be protected from blasphemy complaints; Jersey to vote on establishing an assisted dying service; St James’s Piccadilly garden wins gold medal

Religion news 21 May 2024

Funeral for Ebrahim Raisi, once tipped as the future Ayatollah of Iran; Pope says conservative criticism of progressives is “suicidal attitude”; Séance gameboard to “communicate directly with Jesus”

Religion news 20 May 2024

Archbishop urges an end to the two-child benefits limit; Vatican changes rules on supernatural phenomena; Dazzling diversity of religion in Cuba

Religion news 17 May 2024

“Oasis Restore” UK’s first secure school a place of healing and relentless love; Pope: Greed, industry and disinformation preventing action on climate change; French Muslim pilgrim finishes 8,000 km journey on foot from Paris to Makkah