Ruth Peacock

Ruth is the leader of the Religion Media Centre project and oversees its work. After studying theology and teaching RE, she trained as a journalist on a local paper, freelanced in print and radio and then joined the BBC, working in many news departments, including the main newsgathering desk. She also worked on the BBC’s move into the new W1 building and studied organisational change.

Written Content

Religion news 16 March 2022

UK public open homes to Ukraine refugees; Churches in England appeal for end to war; Once flourishing Jewish community disperses; Indian court upholds hijab ban; It’s the Jewish festival of Purim

Religion news 15 March 2022

Russian Orthodox church in Amsterdam severs links with Moscow; Anxiety, powerlessness and fear reported by the Dean of Russia and Ukraine; Hundreds of British churches offer help to Ukrainian refugees; Methodist leaders join call for People’s Covid Vaccine

Religion news 14 March 2022

Pope says “In the name of God, stop this massacre”; 16th century monastery bombed; UK public encouraged to open their homes for refugees; Re-union of first women ordained in CofE; Stonehenge a reliable calendar

Religion news 11 March 2022

Russian Orthodox leader, Patriarch Kirill, tells WCC to be unbiased; Eastern Orthodox church “needs a coherent political theology”; Appeal for faith groups to help with social prescribing initiative

Religion news 10 March 2022

Faith leaders urge government to change visa rules; Faith minister meets London church leaders supporting Ukraine; Prince Charles praises refugees at HTB church project; Rising fuel costs will have monumental impact on churches

Religion news 9 March 2022

International charity for millions of Ukrainian refugees; Invasion of Ukraine is to “defend morality” against decadence; British Jewish  leaders express solidarity with Ukraine; United Methodists set to break up on 1 May over same sex marriage

Religion news 8 March 2022

“Rivers of blood and tears are flowing in Ukraine”; Signs of a split in Ukraine orthodox church loyal to Moscow; UK public gives £100m in days for Ukraine; First national nuns football team

Religion news 7 March 2022

Russian Orthodox priest in Durham deeply ashamed at invasion; Kyiv local Catholic radio station still on air; Muslim minority fears in southern Ukraine; .. and .. 90 per cent increase in requests for UK living costs help