Ruth Peacock

Ruth is the leader of the Religion Media Centre project and oversees its work. After studying theology and teaching RE, she trained as a journalist on a local paper, freelanced in print and radio and then joined the BBC, working in many news departments, including the main newsgathering desk. She also worked on the BBC’s move into the new W1 building and studied organisational change.

Written Content

Religion news 4 March 2022

Emergency appeal for one million refugees fleeing Ukraine; Sacred landmarks at risk in Kyiv; Polish Catholic bishops appeal for end to senseless war; Split among Russian Orthodox after invasion

Religion news 3 March 2022

Rowan Williams urges world religious leaders to unite and call for a ceasefire; Russian orthodox clergy come out against war; President Zelensky urges all Jews to “shout about murder” in Ukraine

Religion news 2 March 2022

Holocaust memorial bombed in Kyiv; Catholic aid agency appeals for safe passage for Ukrainian refugees; Graphic account of life in a war bunker; UK census first results delayed to April; Teacher suspended for showing picture of Prophet Muhammad

Religion news 1 March 2022

Vatican ready to facilitate peace talks; Prayers for peace across Anglican communion; Putin’s “de-nazification” justification for war trivialised the holocaust; Faith leaders urge changes to nationality bill in light of war in Europe

Religion news 28 February 2022

Prayers everywhere for Ukraine; Pope Francis visits Moscow’s ambassador to the Vatican; Patriarch Kirill says opponents in Ukraine are evil forces; Archbishop pleads strengthen Ukraine forces; CofE divests from Russia

Religion news 25 February 2022

Bishop of Leeds says Putin doesn’t listen to words, only strong action; Archbishops say invasion is act of great evil; Cardinal Vincent Nichols calls for immediate ceasefire

Religion news 24 February 2022

Pope appeals for peace and World Council of Churches expresses grave concern for Ukraine; Islamophobia ‘rising in Amsterdam’; Justin Beiber’s Justice World Tour encouraging social action; Harry Read, WW2 veteran and Salvation Army commissioner has died aged 97

Religion news 23 February 2022

Ukraine Orthodox leader says “War is a grave sin”; Bishops mobilise support for expected Ukraine refugees; Holocaust memorial plans contested in High Court