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COVID-19’s impact on UK faith organisations

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THEME: Unpacking the impact of Covid-19 on the work of faith organisations in communities across the UK, as part of our series on Covid-19 and religion.

Discussing the issues that have arisen during the pandemic, as faith organisations have worked on the front line, delivering food, alleviating poverty and hardship, offering comfort to the bereaved and trying to maintain community during lockdowns. What lessons are there for the role of faith communities in front line provision of welfare services and will their essential role continue post pandemic?

Rosie Dawson will host a conversation with:

  • Laura Marks,  interfaith adviser and founder of two interfaith charities
  • Tim Mortimer – programmes manager for the Faith and Belief Forum 
  • Dr Jagbir Jhutti Johal –   lecturer in Sikh studies at Birmingham University
  • Prof Chris Baker – Faith and Civil society unit, Goldsmiths University and joint author of a report on the contribution of faith in the pandemic,  commissioned by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Faith and Society

REPORT: Faith groups have a ‘sacred civic role’ in the pandemic

Faith groups are delivering essential services during the pandemic, but there may be tension as they fill gaps in welfare provision while retaining their distinctive ethos…

Image credit: Diocese of Norwich


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