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Interview/briefing with Zara Mohammed

THEME: Zara Mohammed, 29, the first woman to be elected Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain

Zara Mohammed, the first woman and the first Scot to be elected Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, told a Religion Media Centre online briefing that the organisations who elected her had shown great faith and confidence. Although just 29, at no stage did she find that her age or gender was mentioned as an issue in her promotion. In her manifesto for election, she said she wanted to develop community work fostered in the pandemic, extend diversity and inclusion, and continue the campaign against Islamophobia.

In conversation with Ruth Peacock, Rosie Dawson and Christopher Lamb, she repeated time and again the importance she placed on conversation, relationship building and partnership, not just among Muslims, but beyond.

REPORT: Zara Mohammed: the courage to make a difference

“It’s been a bonus actually, that I’ve been able to be seen as a bit of a role model or history-maker,”

Zara Mohammed


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