Faith schools in the UK

Historically faith and education have been closely linked. The Roman Catholic Church was the first provider of schools in England. The earliest were attached to cathedrals and monastic foundations and appeared from the late Sixth Century. After the Reformation, the emerging Church of England began to provide its own network of schools throughout the country. […]

Guide to Women and Islam

By Remona Aly, journalist and broadcaster WHAT THE KORAN SAYS The Koran states that men and women were created as equal. “The believing men and women are supportive and protective friends unto each other. They enjoin the right, forbid the wrong, establish regular prayer, pay the poor due, and are dutifully obedient to God and […]

Guide to Women and the Church

THEOLOGY Theological argument is considerable around the meanings of key biblical texts about women. St Paul often stands accused of denigrating women, their roles in church and society, but there is ambiguity and inconsistency in his position. Paul’s teachings were developed by others, including Jerome and Augustine. They believed woman was created second to Adam […]