Snake oil, bleach and lies: how virus brings out the worst in ‘religion’

By Andrew Brown Two of the most dangerous conspiracy theories about the coronavirus are being peddled by men who claim religious authority. The idea that drinking industrial bleach will cure Covid-19 was endorsed by President Donald Trump, although he later pretended this had not happened. It came originally from Mark Grenon, who claims that his […]

Analysis:Selfless Sikhs step up their seva to serve in pandemic

By Harmeet Singh Sikhs have stepped up efforts to help people in need during the coronavirus pandemic, as an act of service ‘seva’, an essential part of faith. In this time of worldwide emergency, many faith groups and community organisations have sought to help those in need, and my own Sikh community has formed large […]

How digital technology became sacred for Hindus

By Tilak Parekh The coronavirus has led to seismic and widespread changes across society, not least, religion. Vivian Yee writing in The New York Times, says: “Religion is the solace of first resort for billions of people grappling with a pandemic for which scientists, presidents and the secular world seem, so far, to have few […]

Faith charities volunteer for the front line

By Tim Maby Faith-based charities have mobilised and joined forces to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic effect on British society. They are reported to make up a quarter of the charity sector in Britain and an online seminar of the Religion Media Centre was told that the lives of young people are a major concern. […]