Religion news 12 June 2024

Tory claims ‘election engineering’ by CofE; Two million pilgrims expected in Mecca; Baptists vote on banning female pastors; CofE Reader is world’s oldest international cricketer

General Election 2024: the Sikh vote

Sikhs in Britain historically vote Labour and issues concerning them include hate crime, representation in public life and justice over the Amritsar killings of 1984.

General Election 2024: the Christian vote

There is no bloc vote among Christians in the UK, but there is a common approach that faith is tied to social justice, though there are different conclusions as to how this is achieved

Religion news 11 June 2024

The Muslim Vote reverses endorsement of three Labour candidates; Boris Johnson accused of antisemitism for name calling Labour leader; Tom Holland wins Sandford St Martin Trustees award