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Factsheet: Sexuality and the Church of England

The Church of England is in the midst of a complex and fraught internal debate over same-sex marriage and LGBT issues. Currently it bans gay weddings in churches and does not let clergy enter same-sex marriages either, although some of its sister Churches have permitted this

Factsheet: the Raëlian movement

The Raëlian movement, also called Raëlianism or the Raëlian religion, is a new religious movement (NRM) based on a belief in UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

Factsheet: New Religious Movements

New Religious Movements is an academic term which encompasses many of those groups and organisations which are often negatively labelled as sects or cults in popular discourse. The movements vary enormously, although they are often derived from most established faiths, and there is significant disagreement among researchers about how to categorise them

Religion news 2 December 2021

In the Bleak Midwinter tops the charts; Coronavirus claims two Christian leaders; Holocaust survivors light Hanukkah candles at the Western Wall; Omicron in Saudi Arabia provokes fears for pilgrims; TODAY’s audio advent calendar misses the deadline

Religion news 25 November 2021

Mosques ‘must tackle Islamic extremism’; Advent protest over Covid passports; Actress in talks over theatre antisemitism ‘blind spot; Eye-poking sect at the heart of Covid-19 outbreak

Religion news 16 November 2021

Trump aide condemned over call for ‘one religion’ in US; Top CofE job for teacher; St Magnus Orkney listed as one of Europe’s 100 Best Cathedrals

Factsheet: Roman Catholicism

The Catholic Church is the largest Christian Church and religious domination in the world. It is the oldest continuously existing institution, with 1.2 billion people baptised into the faith.

Factsheet: Assisted suicide

While most religious groups have historically opposed the legalisation of assisted suicide, there is a growing movement of people arguing for its introduction on the grounds of faith.