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Factsheet: Christmas

Christmas is one of the major annual festivals in Christianity, and marks the birth of Jesus. It falls on 25 December each year

Factsheet: Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses are the followers of a Christian-based religion perhaps best known for their door-to-door evangelising, their belief that we are living in the last days, and their refusal of blood transfusions

Factsheet: Hanukkah

Hanukkah is an annual eight-day Jewish religious festival which commemorates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem more than 2,000 years ago

Living in Love and Faith: the backlash

Two bishops have condemned as “harmful” a video by “Christian Concern” in which LGBTQ+ Christians were mocked for telling their stories and homosexuality was described as evil and wickedness.

Religion news 23 November

Rabbi warns against relaxing lockdown rules: “It is not religious to give someone Covid for Christmas”; Rigpa Fellowship “mismanagement and misconduct”; Is a government faith engagement department on the cards?