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Briefing: US midterm elections 2022

The American mid-term elections for the Senate and House of Representatives take place in November 2022, with religious differences once more a factor informing the vote. How will the Supreme Court decision to overturn the 1973 Roe vs Wade abortion ruling, influence the electorate? What does the rising tide of Christian Nationalism mean for the outcome of the vote and future of the country? Opposition parties usually fare well in the mid-terms, but what will those Republicans, who believe that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from them, do if results don’t go their way? Rosie Dawson hosts this discussion with guests including:

  • Jemar Tisby, New York Times bestselling author and public historian
  • Robert Jones, President of the Public Religion Research Institute
  • Alan Cooperman, head of religion research, Pew Research Center
  • Georgian State Democrat Senator Kim Jackson
  • Fr Tom Reese SJ, a Jesuit priest and senior analyst with Religion News Service
  • Dr Sam Martin, the Frank and Bethine Church chair of public affairs at Boise State University in Idaho
  • Heidi Schlumpf, executive editor of the National Catholic Reporter
  • Rev Brandee Jasmine Mimitzraiem, director of institutional engagement and public theology at the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
  • Dr Hisham Hellyer, from the Centre for Islamic Studies at Cambridge University, and fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington

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Report: America’s midterm elections: how will religious belief influence voters?

“That’s when Islamophobia goes up. It’s not in the aftermath of terrorist attacks. It’s in the aftermath or during election campaigns, because unfortunately, it’s a vote-getter. People aren’t penalised for engaging in that sort of bigotry. On the contrary, it’s rewarded.”

– Dr Hellyer

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