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Briefing: COP26 – Will Religion Force Change?

COP26, the UN climate summit in Glasgow, was never going to achieve the “messianic and apocalyptic expectations” put upon it, according to Martin Palmer, CEO of Faith Invest. In a Religion Media Centre media briefing, he said faith groups should take their own action despite being ignored, for example by investing funds to create a sustainable planet. Other speakers said the summit was a chance to build a movement for justice for the poor and vulnerable victims of extreme weather. Hosted by Ruth Peacock with guests:

  • Martin Palmer, CEO of Faith Invest
  • Shahin Ashraf, Islamic Relief Worldwide’s Head of Global Advocacy
  • Omar Shaikh, Managing Director of the Global Finance initiative
  • James Buchanan from Operation Noah
  • Olivia Hanks, Economics and Sustainability at Quakers in Britain
  • Clive Lawton, CEO Commonwealth Jewish Council
  • Jennifer Morris, from the Young Christian Climate Network
  • Alex Kirby, journalist & co-founder of the Climate News Network

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Report: Cop26: can faith groups help to influence decisions on the planet’s future?

“I think we want to goad. I think we want to challenge. I think we want to bring divergent views to the table.”

– Clive Lewton, Commonwealth Jewish Council


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