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Briefing: Is there a place for private conscience in modern politics?

There is much more to the Kate Forbes row over same-sex marriage than secularism versus out-of-date conservative Christianity, according to commentators in this week’s Religion Media Centre briefing. The key issue is the place of conscience which seems fixed, infallible, and impervious to change. And the intense media commentary illustrates that religious convictions are treated in a different league from political dissent.

Hosted by Rosie Dawson, our guests are: Simon Barrow, director of the religion and society think tank Ekklesia; Dr Jessica Scott, University of Nottingham; Ben Rich, Chief Executive of Big Tent and Radix, and Tim Farron’s former chief of staff; Nick Spencer, senior fellow at think tank Theos; Yahya Birt, research director of the Ayaan Institute; and Frank Cranmer, honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Law & Religion UK.

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Does private conscience have a place in modern politics?

Religious dissent is of a different order to politics – groundwork convictions are treated somehow more seriously than political creeds

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