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Briefing: Public reaction to Queen’s Death

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has unleashed a “latent spirituality”, as millions of people line the streets of the cortege, lay flowers outside palaces and file past the Queen’s coffin lying in state. In this Religion Media Centre briefing, the public’s response was described as religious – an outpouring of ritual instinct, borne of emotion, reacting to shock. The panel also discussed the way organised religion is at the heart of formal gatherings to mourn the Queen and how her son, King Charles III, as Defender of the Faith, may pursue his role. Ruth Peacock hosted this discussion with:

  • Professor Rev Ian Bradley, Emeritus Professor of Cultural and Spiritual History at the University of St Andrews, and author of God Save the Queen: The Spiritual Dimension of Monarchy (2002)
  • Catherine Pepinster, journalist, broadcaster and author of Defenders of the Faith: A British history of religion and monarchy, and the role faith will play in King Charles III’s coronation
  • Professor HA Hellyer, scholar and analyst, senior fellow for RUSI.org, academic with Cambridge University
  • Lord Singh of Wimbledon, Network of Sikh Organisations, who says the Queen made clear she was sovereign of all the people
  • Jennifer Uzzell, postgraduate student at the University of Durham, on spontaneous rituals emerging during this period of national mourning

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Report: “Latent spirituality” revealed in mourning for the Queen

“What is actually going on for most people is something that is far more emotional, and far more embodied, than if you like a philosophical approach” – Jenny Uzzell

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