17 May 2024

"Oasis Restore," a revolutionary approach to child detention, inspired by a Baptist minister with a strategy of healing and relentless love
Oasis Restore website 4shot

16 May 2024

"Oasis Restore" UK's first secure school a place of healing and relentless love; Pope: Greed, industry and disinformation preventing action on climate change; French Muslim pilgrim finishes 8,000 km journey on foot from Paris to Makkah
St-Michaels-Spire Images Above Ltd

16 May 2024

Religion is a factor in how people vote and needs more research; Isle of Man moves closer towards allowing assisted dying; Gleaming gold spire renovated to dramatic effect
ballot box and polling station

15 May 2024

Election data shows people who are religiously affiliated are more likely to vote; 34 British rabbis call on Israel to halt Rafah attack; Top business leaders join campaign for high quality RE in schools
burke protest2

14 May 2024

Church of Ireland synod suspended after protests in front of the Archbishop; Jewish university chaplains dealing with “relentless barrage of antisemitism”; Catholic bishop deeply alarmed at proposed abortion changes
Bristol campus pic2 @AmeliaJac0b.jpeg

13 May 2024

The government is giving £500k to Jewish university chaplains to support students facing growing antisemitism

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