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The State of Religious Education in Britain

Children should be taught religious education by teachers who are impartial but not necessarily neutral, say experts who are considering how best to improve the provision of the subject in schools. A recently published Ofsted review of religious education concluded that “RE is vital in preparing pupils to engage in a diverse and complex multi-religious and multi-secular society”. But it identified several “significant challenges” that limit high quality provision of the subject, such as insufficient time dedicated to the subject and shortfalls with the approach of teachers and their professional development. The discussion was hosted by Ruth Peacock, with guests:

  • Richard Kueh, Ofsted’s subject lead for religious education
  • Denise Cush, Professor of Religion and Education at Bath Spa University
  • Dr Kathryn Wright, CEO Culham St Gabriel
  • Executive members of NASACRE Paul Smalley and Claire Clinton

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Report: Teaching RE: how can it be improved?

Image credit: RE Today

“I was surprised that so many authorities would so blatantly say that there’s money that is allocated, but they don’t actually spend on supporting the schools.”

– Paul Smalley


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