Bishop Nick Baines Interview

Image credit: Church in Parliament

Roger Bolton speaks to Nick Baines, the Bishop of Leeds, on the religious implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This is a longer interview of the section recorded on 24 February 2022 for our Religion Media Centre Podcast.

Listen to the interview below:

You can find our report on this interview here >>

Roger Bolton is a journalist, broadcaster and former BBC executive who now presents the Feedback programme for Radio 4, for whom he presented the Sunday programme for 12 years. A trustee of the Religion Media Centre, he believes that religious literacy is vital and much needed in today’s media.

Nick Baines became Bishop of Leeds in 2014, and is a experienced commentator on faith, regularly contributing to Radio 2 and Pause for Thought on Radio 4 among others. He is a fluent Russian speaker and was formerly employed at GCHQ.


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