Religion news 18 September

Jewish communities prepare to welcome int he New Year with services and family gatherings limited by the rule of six; People are suffering ‘moral injury’ in pandemic, unable to live their values due to restrictions; Research project to map interplay of faith, ethnicity and deprivation through the pandemic.

Archbishop preaches localism

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s call for a more localised response to covid19 is welcomed for valuing the parish – the ‘church’s little platoons’. But commentators suggest the church itself has swung towards central command.

Religion news 16 September

Archbishop says trust local communities to tackle impact of coronavirus; Swale council rejects chaplain because politics and religion don;t mix; Muslim charity set up to support British converts.

Religion news 9 September

93% of British Catholics accessed church services online in lockdown; Church weddings may be declining but the marriage ceremony is ‘extraordinarily bouyant’; 17 Birmingham mosques take part in blood donor campaign in fight against Covid-19.

Religion news 4 September

Methodist Homes for the Aged honours 398 people who died and others who recovered from Covid-19; London based hearing into human rights abuses against Uyghurs; Faith leaders support Biden to ‘restore the nation’s values’.

Religion news 11 August

Pope gives €250,000 to devastated Beirut; Orthodox Jewish community at risk of coronavirus; organ music returns to Welsh churches; and Wordsworth’s former home becomes a Buddhist retreat centre.

Religion news 10 August

Faith leaders urge action against Uyghur ‘genocide’; Beirut Catholic leaders told to live without luxury; Jehovah’s Witnesses take stand at IICSA sex abuse inquiry.