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Briefing: John Smyth and the Cult of Iwerne Camps

Andrew Graystone‘s book on the sadistic abuser John Smyth concludes that dozens of boys could have been spared their beatings if Christian leaders had acted earlier. His book “Bleeding for Jesus: John Smyth and the Cult of Iwerne Camps“, tells the story of how Smyth, a Queen’s Counsel, used the military-style Christian camps to recruit public schoolboys for appalling abuse during the late 1970s and early 1980s. But Graystone identified three particular moments when Smyth’s abuse could have been stopped. He explained the details of what he had discovered in a Religion Media Centre briefing, hosted by Rosie Dawson.

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Report: Three moments of failure: sadistic barrister’s beatings could have been prevented, says author

“I would just like to see a whole lot more really honest soul-searching about ways in which Christian institutions do damage while they’re trying to do good”

– Andrew Graystone


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