Justin Welby

Religion news 19 January

MPs demand tough trade response over China’s treatment of Uyghurs; Jewish News says Stop Uyghur Genocide; American insurrectionists pray and thank God while ransacking the Senate; Archbishop gets the Covid-19 vaccine and says it’s an answer to prayer.

Religion news 9 December

British Muslim doctors counter false news on Covid-19 with the facts; Christchurch mosque massacres could not have been stopped; Archbishop and Chief Rabbi speak of pain and sadness of losing a child

Religion news 2 October

Archbishop of Canterbury urges free school meals in holidays as well as term time; “Terrorist” applies equally to white supremacists and Muslims; First British black Muslim festival.

Faiths mourn Covid’s one million dead

Faith leaders have expressed sadness and sorrow at the news that one million people have died of the coronavirus. They urge people to take responsiblity, stay safe and prevent further deaths.

Religion news 24 September

Archbishops warn of division hunger and isolation in second coronavirus wave; Churches call on the EU to be compassionate towards refugees; Autumn equinox at Stonehenge witnessed by a drone.

Archbishop preaches localism

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s call for a more localised response to covid19 is welcomed for valuing the parish – the ‘church’s little platoons’. But commentators suggest the church itself has swung towards central command.