Election Briefing: Relationship between faith groups and the government

How should the incoming government work with faith groups in modern, diverse Britain? In this Religion Media Centre election briefing, the panel discussed the current vacuum of communication, and heard that Muslims in particular feel alienated and ostracised.

Labour alone in this election has promised to ensure strong partnerships with faith communities including the appointment of a faith minister to lead on engagement with faith communities.

The briefing heard strong opinions that the government’s ban on talking to the Muslim Council of Britain was “absolutely absurd” and its withdrawal of support to the Interfaith Network was “extraordinarily foolish”.

Chaired by Ruth Peacock, our panel was:

  • Sir Stephen Timms, the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group of Faith in Society
  • Lord Jim Wallace spoke for the Liberal Democrats
  • Colin Bloom, former faith engagement adviser
  • The Conservatives did not put forward a spokesperson
  • Other speakers were: Professor Adeela Shafi, Richard Chapman, Marie Southall, Phil Champain, Daniel Singleton, Amrick Singh Ubhi and Jack Palmer-White.

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The missing link between faith groups and government that Labour hopes to repair

Engaging with faith groups to tackle issues of social concern means talking to Muslims and reviving interfaith dialogue. Covid and the cost of living crisis has forced a re-think of the importance of faith groups in society, as they provided essential support to the vulnerable.

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