Briefing: “Religion Counts” – Theos report into religion and voting patterns in elections

The Theos Think Tank has analysed data from the British Election Survey on the correlation between religion and election voting. It indicates that religiously affiliated voters are more likely to vote on polling day than non-religious voters.

Anglicans are the group most likely to vote. Overall they tend to vote Conservative, but those who attend regularly are more likely to vote Labour. Catholics are floating voters, with their traditional support for Labour swinging to the Tories in 2019-2020, a trend that is now reversing. There is no clear party preference among other Christian denominations.

Muslims tend to vote Labour – though this may have taken a knock because of the party’s stance on the Gaza conflict. And non-religious Britons vote more consistently for Labour. The reports are on the Theos’ website:

Rosie Dawson hosted this briefing with report authors: Paul Bickley, Theos head of political engagement; George Lapshynov, Theos political researcher; and Dr Yinxuan Huang, Bible Society.

And commentators: Dr Siobhan McAndrew, Senior Lecturer, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, University of Sheffield; Zara Mohammed, Secretary-General Muslim Council of Britain; and Keith Kahn Harris, associate fellow of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research and a lecturer at Leo Baeck College.

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