Religion news 24 March

>Sacred silence for virus victims > Evangelical preachers not celebrities > Muslims & Jews harmed in pandemic Sacred national act of remembrance for those who died from Covid-19 Cathedral bells tolled, families fell silent, prayers were said and at 8pm there was a new ritual — shining lights into the sky to remember the 126,284 people in […]

Fancy spending eternity near your hero or heroine? Try asking the PCC

By RMC reporter A 44-year-old woman from Oxfordshire has been given permission to be buried in the churchyard that contains the mortal remains of her literary heroine, the poet and novelist Sylvia Plath. We don’t know the woman’s name or why she has eschewed the more traditional option of spending eternity near or with a […]

Religion news 23 March

National Day of Remembrance for those suffering from Covid-19 Today (Tuesday 23 March) at noon Britain is invited to fall silent for one minute to remember those who have died, suffered and been bereaved by the coronavirus pandemic. Eighty faith leaders have pledged support to the National Day of Reflection, pioneered by the Marie Curie […]