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Religion news 18 September

Jewish communities prepare to welcome int he New Year with services and family gatherings limited by the rule of six; People are suffering ‘moral injury’ in pandemic, unable to live their values due to restrictions; Research project to map interplay of faith, ethnicity and deprivation through the pandemic.

Archbishop preaches localism

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s call for a more localised response to covid19 is welcomed for valuing the parish – the ‘church’s little platoons’. But commentators suggest the church itself has swung towards central command.

Gay atheist appointed church’s community reporter

St Margaret’s church in Rainham is employing a journalist to dig out stories about the local community after residents bemoaned the lack of neighbourhood news. The recruit is gay, an atheist from a Catholic upbringing, who says the church and journalists should work together to serve the community.

Religion news 19 August

Racism in the Church of England ‘a house of horrors’; Muslims say young people taking exams must be treated with due respect; Shortage of Roman Catholic priests in Ireland.