Online Session: Reporting Responsibly on the World Cup in Qatar

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Join for an online evening workshop covering all aspects regarding reporting on the Fifa World Cup in Qatar

This evening online workshop, already delivered to media organisations such as The Times, Reach PLC and ITN, supports any journalist who may be covering any aspect of the FIFA World Cup ’22 and the implications of it being held in Qatar. 

Date: 9th November 2022
Time: 18:00-19:30 GMT
Venue: Online


Key Outcomes:

  • Identify key considerations of how to report responsibly 
  • Understand key cultural norms that impact gathering information and research
  • Outline the economic and political environment of Qatar 

Workshop will cover: 

  • Political economy
  • Islamic laws
  • Geography and society
  •  Sharia law and foreigners
  • Restrictions on the media 
  • Cultural Do’s and donts – behavioural norms, dress codes, food, hospitality, gender
  • Aspects regarding migrant workers, womens rights, LGBTQ+

This workshop will be led by Amardeep Bassey, investigative journalist, broadcaster and lecturer (De Montford University). Formerly of HuffPost and Birmingham Sunday Mercury

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