Sorcha Connell

Sorcha Connell is a freelance marketing and communications manager who looks after our digital presence making sure we make the most of our content and services. After studying theology and religious studies to Masters level, she launched into a digital career working in various places from the Jesuits to Trinity Mirror, before settling into a portfolio career with us, the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation and the Faith and Belief Forum.

Written Content

religion at bbc screenshot

Briefing: 100 years of Religion at the BBC

Past and present BBC broadcasters trace the way content around worship, news, documentaries and general programming evolved to meet the challenge of an ever-changing religious and media landscape.

bahai faith briefing

Briefing: The Bahai Faith

This is one of our ‘Factsheet on Film’ briefing series, where we take a deeper look into certain topics and faiths. In this Religion Media Centre briefing, the Baháʼí history, beliefs and practices are explored