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Vaisakhi Southampton Anguskirk flickr CC2.0

12 April 2024

Thousands of Sikhs in Britain are celebrating Vaisakhi, with local communities, supermarkets, business leaders and the Football Association planning events

12 April 2024

Large Vaisakhi celebration in Gravesend planned for tomorrow; Catholic priest dies suddenly 17 days before being made a bishop; 5,000 expected at evangelical leaders’ conference in London on facing “distinct cultural moment”
RMC Podcast - Vatican Document on Sex and Gender

11 April 2024

In this RMC briefing, the panel discussed why the Vatican's Dignitas Infinita document appeared to row back from more liberal moves on sexual ethics
human dignity image-from-rawpixel-id-5963988-jpeg-1080x675

11 April 2024

Catholic bishops resist “intolerant imposition of a gender theory”; Church of England repeats apology after Soul Survivor leader’s film detailing abuse; PR company to large Jewish organisations goes bust
crescent moon west london 2024 edit2 @sabbas98.jpeg

10 April 2024

Sighting of crescent moon means Ramadan ends today; Vatican human dignity document “fails terribly” on transgender issue; Soul Survivor worship leader Matt Redman describes abuse by founder Mike Pilavachi
open iftar Trafalgar Square 2024

9 April 2024

Vatican - sex change “grave threat to human dignity”; Cap restricting faith schools intake “about to be repealed”; Open iftar project 2024 ends in Trafalgar Square in the pouring rain

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