Daily News Briefing

Religion news 15 January

Lichfield Cathedral opens doors as vaccination clinic; Lockdown could see people abandon habit of worship; Sikh Council warns of sharp drop in gurdwaras’ income; American pastor receives death threats for acknowledging Trump’s defeat

Religion news 14 Jan

Raw response to Trump’s impeachment; Imams urge Muslims to take the Covid-19 vaccine; Size and quality of food parcels for hungry children condemned by Bishop; Dean of Christ Church Oxford faces
another tribunal

Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home, Tuam

Religion news 13 January

The brutal facts of Roman Catholic mother and baby homes in Ireland; Christian persecution made worse by pandemic; Foreign Secretary says China’s treatment of Uyghurs is horrific; Places of worship choose to close

Religion news 12 January

Pope says women can legally serve at the altar in Roman Catholic church; Religious leaders urge people to be vaccinated; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints features in the events on Capitol Hill

Religion news 11 January

Muslim doctors say Covid-19 still has disproportionate impact on ethnic minorities; Places of worship close voluntarily; Faith leaders condemn the Capitol Hill insurrection; United Nations Green named outside Westminster Central Hall

Religion news 8 January

Washington insurrection unholy amalgamation of white supremacy and Christianity; American Jewish leaders highlight rioters’ antisemitism; Covid-19 claims more lives as churches decide to close

Religion News 6 January

Financial losses from Covid-19 changing religious landscape of England; Faith leaders cautious as public worship is allowed; Plea to keep Christmas decorations up until 2 February; gender inclusivity – Amen or Awoman?

Religion news 5 January

Surprise at decision to keep places of worship open in England; Baptist pastor from Martin Luther King’s church seeks Georgia senate seat; Orthodox church in Greece will defy government to open for Epiphany

Religion news 4 January

Stories to watch in 2021 include the impact of Covid-19 on finance and faith; a new “faith commissioner”; arguments over sexuality; a man of faith in the White House; plus a roundup of stories you may have missed stories you may have missed.

Religion News 18 December

Christmas church services; Cof E appoints BAME diocesan bishop; 344 schoolboys kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria have been released; Europe upholds ban on kosher and halal slaughter; Cardinal: Trump is a Barbarian, but he is our barbarian