How has religion been used to fan the flames of insurrection on Capitol Hill? Zoom Briefing TODAY

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Join us on TODAY at 1400 GMT for a zoom briefing
Email [email protected] for zoom link

Please join us for a Religion Media Centre briefing at 1400 today, when contributors from the UK and USA consider the events on Capitol Hill, described by a former president as “an unprecedented assault on America”. They will discuss how the values of America, embedded in faith, have been challenged to destruction and how religion has been used and manipulated on the path to insurrection.

Confirmed guests:

Mariann Budde: Episcopal bishop of Washington

Robert P JonesFounder & CEO of PRRI

Rev Winnie VarghesePriest and Chief Justice and Reconciliation Officer at Trinity Church Wall Street in New York City, blogger for the Huffington Post; author of Church Meets World; editor of What We Shall Become; and author of numerous articles and chapters on social justice and the church 

Rev Broderick GreerCanon precentor for St Johns Cathedral in Denver, Colorado

Dr Andrea HatcherProfessor of Politics, Sewanee: The University of the South, who has written about Political and Religious Identities of British Evangelicals and took part in a zoom on the differences between UK and US evangelicals 

Chine McDonaldwriter and broadcaster on issues of race and faith, a regular presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day and head of public engagement at international development agency Christian Aid 

Joseph Uscinski: Associate professor department of political science at Miami University, who researches conspiracy theories including QAnon

Mike Lewis: Managing editor of the website Where Peter Is. Previously, he worked for Catholic Climate Covenant and the communications department of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops


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