Religion news 25 June 2021

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Image credit: Cowessess First Nation

751 unmarked graves found at Catholic school for indigenous children in Canada

The indigenous Cowessess First Nation in Canada says it has found 751 unmarked graves at the site of the Marieval Indian former residential school in Saskatchewan. The BBC reports that it was operated by the Roman Catholic Church until 1997, but it is not yet clear if all of the remains are linked to the school. From 1863 to 1998, 150,000 indigenous children were removed from their families and forced to stay in religious boarding schools with the aim of assimilating them into Canadian society. Last month, the remains of 215 children were found at a similar residential school in British Columbia.

Greek orthodox priest launches acid attack on seven bishops

In Greece, it’s reported that a priest attacked seven senior Greek Orthodox bishops, two lawyers and a police officer in an acid attack, leaving three of them seriously injured in hospital. The Guardian reports that he was undergoing a disciplinary hearing for possession of cocaine, which he had hidden under his cassock.  Local media report that the injured have suffered burns, mostly on their faces and hands. The Greek Orthodox Church leader, Archbishop Ieronymos II, rushed to the hospital  to support the injured.

Second anti Tory incident in the Church in Wales

The Bishop of Bangor has apologised for a second occurrence of anti-Tory behaviour by members of the Church in Wales. The latest incident concerns Virginia Crosbie MP, who was targeted on social media after attending a church service for “schmoozing” by offering help on a fund to train organists. She complained saying this was disrespectful, unkind and unchristian. Bishop Andy John replied saying the behaviour was unacceptable. Only a week ago he was forced to apologise for a tweet by the Bishop of St David’s, who said “never trust a Tory”.

Mumford and Sons founder reveals 13 family members killed in holocaust

Winston Marshall, co-founder of Mumford & Sons, has quit the band after being labelled a fascist for praising a book about far left extremism. But in an online essay outlining his reasons, he revealed that 13 family members were killed in the holocaust. He said: “My Grandma, unlike her cousins, aunts and uncles, survived. She and I were close. My family knows the evils of fascism painfully well. To say the least. To call me ‘fascist’ was ludicrous beyond belief.” He said the controversy had brought the band trouble and he hoped that in distancing himself, he could speak his mind  without them suffering the consequences.

Parish priest in Lancashire is a TikTok sensation

The Rev Anne Beverley, a Church  of England parish priest in Wesham Lancashire, has become a TikTok sensation after publishing videos  for the seven young people in her church. The account “” has been liked 1.9 million times. One of her posts “When people say women can’t be priests” has been viewed one million times. The posts include scripture, prayers, reflections and dancing. She told Premier Christianity: “Tiktok is not the place for a deep theological debate, but it’s an awesome place to scatter some seeds”


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