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Aiming to help journalists discover more about stories in the news, finding new angles, deepening understanding and conversing with those who make the news. The briefings are open to all and have proved particularly valuable for journalists and media professionals.

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Brexit hardens Northern Ireland divisions while a secular majority forms

April 8, 2021

William Crawley discussed the changing shape of Ireland with guests Dr Eamon Phoenix, Dr Gladys Ganiel, Tim Cairns and Fr Martin Magill
Sister Nathalie Becquart – on a mission to reform the Catholic church

March 26, 2021

Interview and Q&A with Sr Nathalie Becquart, speaking to Rosie Dawson, Christopher Lamb and Sr Gemma Simmonds SJ
Census 2021 – how religious affiliation determines social policy

March 18, 2021

Tim Wyatt with guests Prof David Voas, Dr Peter Brierley, Andrew Copson, Dr Jagbir Jhutti-Johal, Prof Abby Day & Rev Canon Prof Leslie Francis
Interview with Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell

March 16, 2021

Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell discusses his new book 'Dear England: Finding Hope, Taking Heart and Changing the World'
Analysing the Harry & Meghan Interview

March 10, 2021

Ruth Peacock with Stephen Bates, Dr David Muir, Dr Bob Morris, Canon Rosie Harper & Dr Ted Harrison
Pope Francis Trip to Iraq

March 2, 2021

Christopher Lamb with guests Sajjad Rizvi & Julia Bicknell, Q&A included Edwin Shuker & Rabee al-Hafidh