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8 July 2024

Pope declares democracy is in crisis amid far right threat in France; Synod rejects KC investigation into unchecked Soul Survivor abuse; Archbishop Vigano excommunicated; "Anglican cadences" in Sir Keir Starmer’s speech to the nation
10 Downing Street.

5 July 2024

General Election 24: The impact of "The Muslim Vote"; Christians in parliament who lost their seats; CofE synod meets amid row over same sex blessings
Bp Oxford Steven Croft letter 4 July 24

4 July 2024

Bishop criticises "Alliance" group for suggesting a CofE schism; Archbishop revokes Lambeth award from Mike Pilavachi; Ukrainian Catholic priests released from Russian detention; Tajikistan orders hard labour for witchcraft and fortune telling
hands joining together

2 July 2024

Labour will repair ‘missing link’ between faith groups and government; Starmer accuses Tories of religious intolerance over Shabbat jibes; More than 116 crushed to death at Indian Hindu ceremony; Bishop centre stage at Glasto
RMC Briefing - Election, Government and Faith Groups

2 July 2024

In this Religion Media Centre election briefing, the panel discussed the current vacuum of communication between government and faith groups
Interfaith week 2022

2 July 2024

Engaging with faith groups to tackle issues of social concern means talking to Muslims and reviving interfaith dialogue

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